Personnel Opening

Job Description for Church Financial Secretary

Job: Church Financial Secretary

Time: 8-10 hours/week.

Accountability: Pastor/ Head of Staff and Session.


The Church Financial Secretary is a key person in our ministry. S/he is responsible for many of the financial aspects involved in the effective running of Hamilton Mill Presbyterian Church, to include administration of all financial requirements for the daily operation of the church, performing all legally required financial services and maintaining financial related records for the Church, preparing payroll and administering employee benefits for the church. The person in this position effectively communicates appropriate financial reports to the members of the congregation, the session, the presbytery, the General Assembly, and the Board of Pensions. The position is for 8-10 hours per week, but additional hours may be required as needed. Work hours are to be developed in cooperation with the Pastor and according to need. Annual vacation is awarded proportionate to hours worked and years of service (see Personnel Manual) and must be coordinated with and approved by the Head of Staff/Pastor.

Key Attributes

The ideal candidate for this position will be a person of strong Christian faith, professional demeanor, flexible and able to respond to the needs of the church. S/he will be a self-starter with initiative, detail oriented, and work well with little or no supervision. S/he will help create a working environment where others feel welcome and valued. S/he will be responsible and trustworthy handling confidential information.

The ideal candidate will have the necessary technical/functional expertise to complete the job in a timely and accurate manner, with attention to detail, and have the ability to build and maintain collaborative relationships with all members of the congregation. A knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Intuit and REALM (preferred experience or willingness to learn) is necessary. A bachelor’s degree in accounting is desired, or equivalent paid experience of at least 3 years in accounting procedures and practices, handling payrolls and employee benefits, financial record keeping.

 Work Experience

The ideal candidate for this position will have demonstrated work experience in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of tax, insurance, payroll and accounting procedures and practices for a non-profit organization;
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and Intuit
  • Prior experience utilizing ACS-REALM or similar accounting software program;
  • Knowledge and performance of standard Church financial record keeping procedures;
  • Knowledge of annual budget planning experience.


The following are the primary responsibilities:

1. Oversee accounts receivable, accounts payable, and accounting procedures for offerings, donations, and deposits and provide statements to all contributors

2. Maintain records of contributions, investments, tax data, project expenditures, insurance policies, church membership

3. Prepare payrolls (and payroll taxes) using Intuit, and administer employee benefit programs

4. Reconcile bank statements

5. Prepare and issue monthly reports for Church Treasurer, Finance Committee, Session and other staff; prepare statistical reports for General Assembly and the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta

6. Keep an open line of communication with the Treasurer and the Pastor

7. Attend meetings with Session as required, and other staff meetings as needed

8. Ensure all insurance policies are current and maintained

9. Assist with preparation of Church annual budgets and Congregational Annual Meetings

10. Provide additional assistance to the Pastor/Head of Staff, as needed

11. Review, schedule and renew all yearly Building and Property maintenance inspections.

Please submit Resumes and Professional Recommendations to Pastor Juan Herrera