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Worship Services

Scroll down for this week’s message from the pastor.

Sundays @ 10:30 AM

At Hamilton Mill Presbyterian Church, you’ll find worship that is relevant, passionate and life-changing. We use a mix of old and new, combining elements like the Apostles’ Creed or the Lord’s Prayer with a preaching style that includes humor, Biblical truth and stories of real people. Our music is an exciting blend of new contemporary music and solid hymn favorites. We, at Hamilton Mill Presbyterian Church, practice the philosophy of “come as you are;” no need, if you so choose, to get dressed up. We want the time you spend with us to be a comfortable, fun, relaxed opportunity where you can enjoy learning and growing in the Christian faith.

Children are a priority at Hamilton Mill Presbyterian. Nursery/Child care is available for infants thru age 2. Children ages 3 – 5th grade are invited to attend our Preschool and Children’s programs which begin at 10:15 AM. They study a Bible based curriculum and incorporate fun activities to keep interest and increase their knowledge of the Bible.

We hope you and your children will join us Sunday morning to see just how exciting growing in the Christian faith can be!


Dear Friends,

This week, twitter and Facebook started spreading awareness of women who have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted with the hashtag “#metoo”. From what I understand, the original purpose was to raise awareness about how many women have experienced harassment or assault because they were women. Many women started posting “#metoo” on their pages and nothing else. Then, the stories started to come out. Painful and tragic stories of women feeling helpless in situations where they should not. Along with these stories, came feelings of embarrassment, guilt and fear. Some were told not to say or do anything, some were told that what had happened was not rape, and some were too embarrassed to speak up. Many of these women experienced harassment or sexual abuse when they were young girls, leaving them questioning their identity and who they could trust. A couple of years ago, a very troubled teenage girl told me that shortly after she had been adopted by her family, the brother of her adoptive mom touched her inappropriately. I convinced her to tell her mom. I had that painful conversation with her mom.  What I am embarrassed about is that as a church (all churches), we have not created a safe place for children (boys and girls) and victims to have a voice without being judged. Many of those stories happened with trusted people from a church. We cannot sweep this under the carpet thinking that a Facebook post will change things. In order to make a difference, we have to start making a difference in our community. It starts with us. It starts with how we educate our children. It starts with how we listen to our children and others around us. It starts with knowing that if you are a victim, you will not be judged. It starts with men respecting women and children. It starts with all of us being a community seeking God. There is no easy fix, but there is a path for recovery and reconciliation with yourself and reconciliation with God. Know that as your pastor, I am here for you, I will listen to you, I will pray with you, I will help you in any way I can, I will never think any less of you and I will not judge you.

This Sunday we’ll continue the Sermon Series “Together in Faith.” Each Sunday, I have been focusing on a value from our church. The values are printed on banners around the sanctuary. Also, I have paired each HMPC value with a characteristic of a biblical giver. For example, the first Sunday in the series, I talked about how we are a loving community and how we should give love generously. Generosity is a characteristic for those who love God. On Commitment Sunday, November 12, we will wrap it all up and talk about what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ who are part of God’s mission. On that Sunday, we will bring our commitment cards and commit ourselves to be part of God’s mission in our community. You will be receiving the Generosity Packet in the mail in a couple of weeks. Make sure you read the letter, the brochure and your financial giving statement to the church. Pray for your commitment and if possible, take a step of faith by increasing your commitment at least 1% from the previous year.

Prayer topics for this week:

–       Pray for God to open our eyes to what God is doing in our lives and around us.

–       Pray for HMPC to find ways to support and impact our community.

–       Pray for God to help us be intentional about supporting God’s mission.

Remember to join us for a FALL-tastic Celebration on Sunday October 29th. We will have Trunk-or-Treat, games, food, etc. Invite neighbors, family and friends. We are going to have a great time!

Dios Los Bendiga! God Bless you!

Pastor Juan