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This week’s message from our Pastor:

Dear Friends,

We are off to a good start this year. I am very excited about the book “The Story.” The more I read, the more I like it. However, some of you have had questions about things you are reading or parts of the story that you didn’t know were there. I encourage you to share with me your questions and observations. And I would like to share them through this email so others (who may have the same questions) can learn too.

Last Sunday, someone asked if the dates on the timeline at the beginning of each chapter were real dates. If you look at the timeline at the beginning of each chapter, or at the more comprehensive timeline before chapter 1, you are going to see the dates years start counting with Abraham’s story. The creation story is very debatable as to how long ago it happened. Scholars estimate Abraham was born about 2166 BC. This is only an estimate, but Abraham is usually at the top of any genealogy because God promised Abraham He was going to make a great nation out of him. The dates place us in the timeline of the Overall Story which is God’s redemption of creation through Jesus Christ. The dates give us an idea on when God was orchestrating and working through individuals to fulfill their purpose.

This week we are reading Chapter 2 (The Story p.13-27; Gen. 12-13,15-17, 21-22, 32-33, 35, Rom. 4, Heb. 11), “God Builds a Nation.” On Sunday, I will focus on Jacob going to meet his brother Esau (The Story p.22-23; Genesis 32). Jacob is the descendant of Abraham, the father of Faith, of Isaac, the one born of the promise. Both Abraham and Isaac had great trust in God and lived lives according to God’s will. Jacob didn’t follow their steps, but that doesn’t mean God will not work through him. Jacob needs a little an experience with God that will transform his life. Join us for worship this Sunday at 10:30am. Next week, we are reading chapter 3 (The Story p.29-42; Genesis 37, 39, 41-48,50).

Below you will see opportunities to help in Kids 252, Pit Stop, opportunities to fellowship with friends, and prayer concerns and joys.

Dios Los Bendiga! God Bless You!

Pastor Juan