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I am very excited to begin a new journey with you as we begin the sermon series “The Story.” Many of you will be reading the book along. We are reading a chapter per week and I will be preaching on one story, theme or character on that Sunday. A couple of things to keep in mind as you read the Story are the following:

  • There is a larger story and some shorter stories told each chapter. As you read, consider what God is doing in the larger story and how the shorter stories fit the larger story. Also, consider how it all fits into God’s ultimate redemption story through Jesus Christ.
  • There are some stories missing.  However, they are still part of God’s big story.
  • God is at work. As you read The Story, consider how God is working in the Story and how God might be working in your story.
  • If you are a fast reader, read this week’s chapter and next week’s chapter. Then, next week, read that chapter again and then the following.

Be patient. God’s story didn’t develop overnight. It is important to look at the different stories and see how God is at work